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Lavender reaches maturity at around seven years on Emu Bay Lavender Farm

Lavender reaches maturity at around seven years

Lavender is a hardy, herbaceous, evergreen plant that can thrive under a wide range of soil and climatic conditions.

It is an old herb that was used for disinfectant, antiseptic, relaxation, culinary, medicinal and therapeutic purposes as far back as Roman times.

Lavenders need full sun and an open position, good drainage is essential and they are able to tolerate a wide range of soil types. Lavenders are not heavy feeders but do have a high requirement for calcium. Our Limestone country on Kangaroo Island provides this.

Each Lavender plant requires pruning each year after harvest to keep bushes compact. Weeding is a necessity but the laying of weed mat along rows has been more than helpful. Lavender is a drought tolerant plant so requires very little water when roots are established.

Lavender reaches the peak of production capacity at about 7 –8 years of age, depending on variety and other environmental conditions. A mature lavender bush may yield between

8-10 bunches per bush per year, depending on size and variety of plant.

Lavender is grown for the fresh flower market, dried flowers, loose stripped lavender, craft products, skin care, culinary uses, oils for Aromatic —Aromatherapy and perfumery uses and plant sales.

All in all, lavender is a very useful plant and always in demand.

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