Emu Bay Lavender’s humble story began in 2001 where a small lavender garden was first planted. 19 years later, The farm now runs over 51 acres of land and has an estimate of 7500 lavender plants including 12 different varieties of Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula intermedia. the property is owned by a 5th generation kangaroo island family who strive to create the best experience for each and every guest.

During summer the lavender flowers are in full bloom and we begin harvesting. Kangaroo Islands famous Ligurian bees are busy pollinating the flowers and begin producing our signature lavender honey. We hand harvest and strip around 8000 bunches per year and currently distil around 8 kilograms of essential oil which is useD in all our handmade therapeutic products. It takes about 100 kilograms of flowers to produce just one kilogram of oil. Emu Bay Lavender is continually expanding and working to improve and increase the farms efficiency + sustainability.

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The Farm and Café

We are a working lavender farm now open all year round. Busy planting, pruning, propagating and making our in-house Emu Bay Lavender products. Our place is just minutes away from one of Kangaroo Island finest beaches Emu Bay, with crystal clear shallows, rolling hills and even a pod of dolphins.

Emu Bay lavender has A fully licensed café offering breakfast and lunch. Our menu uses seasonal and local produce. Washed down with local ciders, wines and spirits. Treat yourself with morning or afternoon tea with oversized lavender scones.

Lavender Varieties

  • Lavandula Angustifolia

    These varieties are best used for aromatherapy or culinary uses. These varieties produce essential oil known as Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil is known to be relaxing & calming. Other terms for these varieties include: Bee, Egerton, Avice Hill, Maillette & Pacific Blue.

  • Lavandula x Intermedia

    These varieties produce essential oil known as Lavandin which is widely used in soaps and craft products, Lavandin is also known to be more stimulating. Other terms for these varieties include: Seal, Grosso, Miss Donnington, Impress Purple, Alba (white flower) and Super.

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Seasons at Emu Bay

Summer: The lavender flowers are in full bloom and we harvest these throughout the summer by hand. Our bees pollinate the flowers and begin producing our signature lavender honey. 

Autumn: this is the time of the year we prune our lavender bushes by a third to stimulate growth for the year ahead. This prevents the bush from growing thin and scraggly, which reduces the yield of flowers and oil that can be collected. 

Winter: Each winter we weed the lavender field by hand and is the time to take cuttings to create new plants. At this time of year our guests enjoy sitting in our cosy cafe with a warm cuppa and freshly baked lavender scone from the oven.  

Spring: During spring our plants start to produce new growth and buds begin to develop.

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Visit Us!

All are welcome to come and visit our lavender farm here at Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island. When you arrive, you can learn about lavender production, see it in its various stages throughout the season, and even taste or buy some of our home made goodies prepared with lavender.